Products and Development Projects

Projects and Products

As well as advising on IT Strategy and Architecture, I develop some software myself. Two consistent characteristics of solutions I provide are "Out of the Box" thinking and a desire for high-quality, flexible user interfaces. This extends both to end-user solutions, and to tools provided for developers.

Unfortunately, commercial confidentiality limits what I can publish about the end-user systems I have worked on. This page therefore concentrates on speculative developments, and products which have arisen as by-products of my mainstream work. Some of these products are available for purchase, and others could be developed by interested parties. I hope they will all serve to demonstrate my belief in giving both end users and developers flexible, powerful tools not limited by "lowest common denominator" functionality and platforms.

RelQuest Software and Hardware Reliability Modelling Tool

RelQuest is a tool to support Fault Tree Analysis of hardware and software system reliability. It is based on a simplified modeling approach, which allows analytical (and therefore almost instantaneous) evaluation of the model. It supports base events, AND, OR and VOTE gates. It is now available for download on a shareware basis. More Details...

Companion Software for Windows Media Player

Coming soon...

ConQuest Container Yard Management System

ConQuest is a prototype visual container control and planning system for Microsoft Windows™. It enables all users, from the gate operators to the planners, to do their work in real time, using intuitive visual displays, which give a clear picture of the yard. More Details...


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